Our River Studies Programme is suitable for Key Stage 2 students and can be customised to include any of the following topics according to your requirements.

1. River Studies (Full or half day)

The River Lostock is a textbook example of a lowland river with pools, riffles, meanders and oxbow lakes; easy to access sites and hands on activities make river studies at Cuerden safe and fun. In the half day programme, pupils are first introduced to geography fieldwork techniques, measuring river speed and observing erosion and deposition at a meander site, before sampling the substrate of the river whilst hunting for crystals!  Children then paddle in the river to find, catch and identify as many creatures as they can. Habitats and adaptations are also explored in this section.

Schools wishing to do a full day River Studies can choose from the following activities, to create a programme to suit their needs.

  • River speed measurement
  • Width and depth measurement
  • Field sketching
  • Processes of erosion and deposition
  • River life survey
  • Study of habitat, adaptation, river life cycles, food chains
  • Crystal hunting/silt panning
  • Describe and understand key aspects of physical geography, including rivers and the water cycle.
  • Use fieldwork to observe, measure and record physical features, using a range of scientific equipment.
  • Identification and classification of living things found in the River Lostock.
  • Explore different kinds of rocks and soil.
  • Interpret a variety of food chains.

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