Take a walk along our Orienteering trail to challenge and inspire your pupils!    Children are encouraged to think for themselves and put their teamwork skills to the test as they navigate around the Park.  This activity is supervised and led by school staff with guidance and instructions from the Park staff.

Sometimes the most unexpected pupils shine when taken out of a classroom situation.  Orienteering gives every pupil the opportunity to be a valuable team player and challenges them to take responsibility for their own learning in order to complete the course.

We are really pleased to now offer our popular orienteering programme at two different levels.

Key Stage 1 course

  1. Children follow a marked map around the orienteering course using a clue sheet to help them find hidden letters dotted around the park.

Key Stage 2 course (advanced)

  1. Aimed at year 5/6 or as an extension for more able pupils

Pupils are given a blank map and a set of grid references.  Only after they have marked their map with the first point can they begin to navigate around the park using the clue sheet to find the hidden letters. A six figure grid reference version is now available.

The same course is used in both versions of KS2 orienteering so they can be run at the same time.  This makes it the ideal programme to differentiate for class ability, allowing teachers to group pupils appropriately and give the whole class a real challenge!

  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges.
  • Building trust and working as a team.
  • Use a compass, four and six figure grid references, symbols and key.

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