Marvellous Maths

A different angle to Cuerden Park (Full day)

Suitable for Key Stage 2

Children will first get the chance to see  Park, as they  go round our Orienteering course,  using the 4 or 6 grid reference maps (standard Orienteering map can also be provided if required.)  They will then learn how to take compass bearings and estimate distance, relating these skills to mathematical concepts learned in the classroom and then putting them into practice, completing a maths trail in the park.

National Curriculum Objectives for geometry and Measurement:

  • Recognise angles as a property of shape or a description of a turn
  • Identify right angles, recognise that 2,3, and 4 right angles make a half, three quarter and full turn respectively, identify angles greater or less than a right angle
  • Estimate and read time
  • Use, read, write and convert between different units of measure
  • Estimate and Identify acute and obtuse angles and compare and order angles
  • Know angles are measure in degree
  • Identify angles at a point , on a straight line and on whole/half turn
  • Solve problems involving calculation and conversion of units of measure

Children will also get plenty of opportunity to practise their mental maths skills, using maths clues in the maths trail.

Please feel free to contact the Education Officer if you would like any further information on this programme.