Holiday Clubs

If you run a holiday club for school aged children and are looking for something different then try one of our half day activities for £4 per child, except for the Orienteering at £2 per child, put two programmes together for a whole day £6 per child, £5 if one activity is Orienteering.

Half Day Programmes are:

River Fun

Fun and games in and around the River Lostock at Cuerden Valley Park.

Children will get the chance to go into the river and dip, using kick and sweep sample techniques; they will look for some of the living creatures in the river, identify them and discuss how they manage to live there.

They will also play lively outdoor games “ How does a bat hunt for food? Who lives along the river bank? What do you know about nature? All will be revealed while playing these exciting games.

Minibeast Safari

Visit two of the following “ Pond, Woodland or Grassland and discover what small creatures make their homes there.

You will have the time to visit two locations, this gives you the choice whether to work with water or not. Using nets or pots you will get the chance to hunt for all sorts of minibeasts and find out who eats who and why they live there.

Earth Walk

Get to know the natural world by going on a very special walk through the park.

On this short walk we will visit the Pinetum, river, woodlands, lake, meadow and lots, lots more! We will stop to complete different activities and games on the way. How nature stole colours from the rainbow, slideshows to blow your mind and walking in the trees.


Discover the delights of Cuerden Valley Park by following the easy-to-use orienteering trail. This activity is self-led.

To develop map reading skills, using symbols, scale and how to use direction when reading a map.

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