Harry Potter Day

Elements of our existing programmes are worked into a Harry Potter theme, along with some additional activities to create a cross-curricular programme, which will inspire and motivate your children. For a full or half day, choose from:

  • Snape’s Potion: Children investigate the natural woodland environment, whilst searching for various ingredients for a potion. They then make the potion and decide who and what it is for.
  • In search of mythical creatures: Our Cuerden Creature Creation programme, with a Harry Potter twist
  • Quidditch: Children use broomsticks to take part in relay races and/or play Cuerden Quidditch (no flying involved!) Subject to availability, they may be able to make the broomsticks too!
  • Search for the Sorcerer’s stone: A twist on our standard orienteering with clues and codes to solve, related to the Harry Potter stories.
  • Tri wizard tournament: Harry Potter needs to be able to trust his friends to work with him in the fight against the Dark Lord. Can your children work together in three different team building challenges?
  • Patronus in the Park. What animals and birds live in the Park? Could one of them be your Patronus? A different way of looking at the wildlife of Cuerden Valley Park, their habitat and adaptations.